Danubius Academic Consortium for Integral Innovation (DAC)

DAC – is an euro regional ecosystem of Integral Innovationlocated in the Danube regionaligned with the goals of EU Strategy for Danube Area (EUSDR) aiming toward a high Competitiveness based on Creativity and Diversity in this Euro-Region.

As an ecosystem DAC

1. Educates Integral Innovators (inventors-entrepreneurs) able to generate new game changing solutions = EMJMD Integral Innovation.

2. Endorses the graduates efforts for building up an enterprise on this original base = original business, developing the regional economy- DECII-excellence center

3. Enhances the acceptance of newness in the society by involving different segments of society (children, vernacular craftsmen, public projects) in creative process  = creativity culture, Programs Innovation is Hope and Sky is the Limit

These DAC domanins of activity address specifically the goals of the EUSDR Projects Area 7,8, 9 and 10.


DAC partners' profiles: Convergence and Complementarity

The composition of DAC corresponds by convergent competences to the DAC comprehensive approach:

 -Universities from Danube Countries

 -Industry Associations (for ex. Landes Verband der Industrie, LVI BW),                                             

 -Networking Institutions between academic creativity and economic reality (for ex. BWCON),                     

 -NGOs, representing Danube riverine communities (for ex. CLDR),

 -Craftsmen guilds (for ex. BIDF) and 

 -International Institute for Integral Innovation 4xI 


The activity started as Danubius Design Conferences in 2004 - Calarasi, Romania and in 2005 Belgrade, Serbia, for inspiring the euroregional identity of academic institutions along Danube and gathering the Danubian creative forces for economic success and region development. As DAC was founded in 2014.




DAC trees

- Institute for Integral Innovation Köln Germany
- Danubius University Galati  Romania
- University of Arts Belgrade     Serbia
- Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava Slovakia
- Mendel University Brno  Czech Republic
- University of Zilina   Slovakia
- Educons University Novi Sad Serbia
- University Spiru Haret Bucharest                             Romania
- University of Primorska     Slovenia

- University of Ruse                                                       


- University of Izmail                                          

- University of Cahul Moldova    



- LVI  BWAssociation of Baden Württemberg Industry     Germany
- IA   Association of Communities from the Danube Region  Danube R.
- CLDR Association of Communities from the Danube Region Danube R.
- BWCON Networking Institution, a link between academia and economy   Germany
- ALADI  Latin American Association of Designers and Innovators Latin America
- AASGON   Association of Scholars from Africa and Asia Pacific Africa, Asia, Pacific


Contact Person:

doc. Ing. Pavel Žufan, Ph.D.

Ing. Veronika Krůtiová, Ph.D.

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