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Research Centre


In addition to the process of education, scientific research is a necessary and integral part of the activities of the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) of Mendel University in Brno (MENDELU). High-quality research results are a necessary prerequisite for breaking through not only in the Czech but also in the foreign competitive environment. High-quality output is also crucial in terms of university financing.

The involvement of the staff in scientific research on the national and international level with convincing results in the shape of peer-reviewed (impacted) publications and monographs is a condition for professional development of the individual staff members, which is also reflected in the quality of the education process itself. In accordance with current trends in the area of supporting scientific research at universities in the Czech Republic and in Europe and as a follow-up to the dynamic development of the faculty in the area of teaching and education, the Faculty of Business and Economics founded a Research Centre in 2007. 

The mission of the Research Centre is to create suitable conditions for theoretical and applied research performed by academic and scientific researchers from across all the departments of FBE MENDELU in Brno. The aim is to support the process of scientific research and publishing activities of all academic and scientific researchers of the faculty. A constituent objective of the Research Centre’s activities is to reinforce the interdisciplinary nature of research at FBE MENDELU.

The Research Centre not only provides support to individual researchers and research teams during their own research, but also performs its own research in cooperation with other researchers.

The activities of the Research Centre include: 

Information service

The Research Centre focuses on searching, analysing and disseminating information on project schemes relevant to the subject fields of FBE MENDELU and its departments. In the framework of the information service, the Research Centre organizes practically oriented seminars for selected project schemes.

The Research Centre focuses on promoting scientific research and publishing activities. The Research Centre also handles the management of Working Papers, basic information service in the area of suitable publishing opportunities and ensures the availability of software and databases needed for research.

Project support

The process of preparing project plans and subsequently implementing them is connected with a number of professional and administrative tasks which are often quite time consuming. In order for the researchers to be able to focus on the professional aspects of the project as much as possible, the Research Centre offers its services in the area of project support. Project support includes the preparation of project plans based on an agreement with the proposer of the project, and in case of project implementation also the coordination of selected activities and the administration of the project, including project monitoring, after an agreement and in close cooperation with the researcher in charge.

Promotion of international cooperation

Promoting international cooperation and establishing and maintaining contacts with partner institutions is an integral part of successful research and presentation of one’s research results abroad. The Research Centre takes part in building and maintaining foreign contacts, including the creation of its own network of contacts. The Research Centre will provide collaboration to the project proposers when searching for suitable partners for international consortia, whether in the form of contacting cooperating bodies, or via international databases established for the purpose, or through national points of contact.

Organization of professional events

A component of the activities performed by the Centre is also the organization of professional events (conferences, workshops, etc.). The Research Centre organizes its own Conference of the Research Centre and a faculty-wide conference called Company and the Competitive Environment, as well as the doctoral conference PEFnet. The Centre also provides collaboration when organizing further conferences and other professional events of FBE MENDELU upon agreement. In order to promote interdisciplinarity in research and increase the awareness of the research focus of individuals and teams which reach beyond the boundaries of individual departments, the Research Centre participates in the organization of research seminars.


The Research Centre participates on project proposals development as well as administration and management of funded projects. The projects obtained lead to both scientific research and educational activities and contribute to the development of international cooperation at FBE. 

The Research Centre currently takes part in the following projects:

  • Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships - European Network for Academic Integrity


Previous projects: