Research Centre

In addition to the process of education, scientific research is an integral part of activities at the Faculty of Business and Economics of Mendel University in Brno. In 2007, the Research Centre was established with aim to support the process of scientific research and the publishing activities of all academicians and researchers of the faculty.

Activities of the Research Centre include:


The research centre focuses on the search, analysis and dissemination of information on national and international project schemes relevant to the professional focus of FBE MENDELU and its departments. As a part of this, the Research Centre organizes practical seminars on selected project schemes.

It also focuses on the support of scientific research and publishing activities. The Research Center covers the administration of Working papers, FBE's own journal - EJOBSAT, information service in the area of ​​suitable publishing opportunities and availability of software and data sources for the research.

If you are interested in obtaining current information on project calls, seminars and conferences, you can subscribe to the newsletter via the email The bulletin is issued once a month. All issues from September 2019 to the latest issue can be found on the document server here.


Part of the Research Centre's agenda is primarily to support researchers in preparing project applications, in the form of consultations on the financial and administrative aspects of projects. Administrative activities also include securing the signatures of the faculty management and the statutory representative of the university on the relevant documents, incl. accompanying sheet to the project. In the case of project implementation, the activities of the Research Center by agreement and in close cooperation with the responsible project leader also include the coordination of selected activities and project administration.

List of selected projects implemented at FBE is available here.

The acquired projects are ponting to both scientific research and educational activities, and they also make a significant contribution to the development of international cooperation at FBE.

The Research Centre participates in the implementation of the following projects:

  • OP VVV - Podpora multidisciplinarity výzkumných programů mladých vědců

The Research Centre currently provides support for the following projects:

  • Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership - Innovative Open Source courses for Computer Science curriculum
  • GAČR - Interactions between the financial sector and the real economy
  • OP PIK - Data processing software
  • TAČR Éta - Smart Migration

Finished projects (both national and international):

  • OP PIK - Multicriterial Text Analysis Software
  • OP PIK - SQTrader - výzkum a vývoj optimalizačních řešení při správě aktiv
  • Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships - European Network for Academic Integrity
  • H2020 - Revisioning the Fiscal EU: Fair, Sustainable, and Coordinated Tax and Social Policies
  • GAČR - Komparativní studie crowdfundingových projektů v EU: Přístup k financím, rizika a regulace
  • GAČR - Sentiment a jeho vliv na akciové trhy
  • GAČR - Po oponě: empirické studie migrace v tranzitivních ekonomikách
  • GAČR - Dopady změn v daňové legislativě na efektivnost a spravedlnost v České republice
  • GAČR - Reálné fungování centrálně plánované ekonomiky v Československu
  • 7FP - Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe
  • Education in Strategic Management for SMEs managers/owners
  • Developing a common methodology for Reference Budgets
  • Postdoc contracts at MENDELU technical and economic research
  • OPVK - Rozvoj lidských zdrojů ve vědě a výzkumu na PEF MENDELU v Brně
  • CENTROPE - Regional Developement Report


A component of the activities performed by the Centre is also the organisation of professional events (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.). The Research Centre organises a faculty-wide conference called Enterprise and Competitive Environment, from 2020 it has a new name Economic Competitiveness and Sustainability, and the doctoral conference called PEFnet. The Centre also provides co-operation in organization of other conferences and professional events at FBE MENDELU upon agreement.

In order to promote interdisciplinarity in research and increase awareness of the research focus of individuals and teams which reach beyond the boundaries of individual departments, the Research Centre participates in the organisation of research seminars. Current offer of the seminars can be found here.



The agenda of the Research Centre also includes the administration and management of the Internal Grant Agency of FBE. Detailed information can be found here (only in Czech language).