Software, Databases and Data Sources

Available statistical software

There are available various statistical software for students and employees of FBE MENDELU. You can find information in Czech language about all of them at Informatika @ MENDELU.

Information about selected software find below.


Stata FBE MENDELU has a network licence for 20 clients of programme Stata 17/SE.

Please contact Ing. Hana Vránová for installation description, media and instalation key.

The employees of FBE MENDELU has a access to the programme via Software Centre.


SPSS IBM SPSS Statistics is statistical analysis software that is widely used for reporting, analysis and direct decision support, business analytics, both for strategic decisions and for operational management. It can be connected to any database and is used both in one-off analyzes and in continuous process monitoring; serves to describe the situation and to support repeated or regular decision-making. Suitable for applications in science, marketing, human resources and research, for processing laboratory measurements and summarizing data from large and small databases of various types.

There are 20 concurrent licenses available at FBE, allowing 20 users to work with the software at the same time. The license server for IBM SPSS Statistics 28 is installed on the server The installation file can also be downloaded from mozart, the storage can be mounted via the Windows dialog box Mount Network Drive. The path to the shared disk is: \\\amadeus, user name: wolfgang; password: on request from

The installation is performed by running the .exe file in the archive named "IBM SPSS Statistics 28". When asked for the license type, select Concurrent user license. In the following steps, you will be prompted to enter the IP address of the server. In the field "License Manager name or Server IP Address" enter "" and click on the Set button. Select other installer options as needed.

Employees of FBE MENDELU may install the programme IBM SPSS Statistics directly from Software Centre, if they have the access to it.


Matlab FBE MENDELU has also licence for programme MATLAB.

All information can be found at website of Assoc. Prof. Hampel.


MAXQDA MAXQDA software in version 2018 is available at FBE MENDELU for employees and students of FBE MENDELU on the teacher's computer and another 14 computers in the classroom Q27 under the Department of Marketing and Trade. Furthermore, it is also available on 5 computers in the computer study room in the Q building. The software can be used for the processing of final theses or for your own research. Unfortunately, the installation on your own computer is not possible.

Databases and Data Sources

PEF MENDELU also has various databases from various areas of economic research. An overview of the databases is given below. If you are interested in obtaining data from any of the available databases, it is necessary to contact the relevant person. The acquisition and use of data is subject to an agreement with the relevant contact person and the possibilities of dissemination and use of the data specified in the contract with the data provider.


Albertina The Albertina database contains information on companies in the Czech republic and Slovakia. For employees and students of FBE is available at the following links. It is possible to download the database in one comprehensive Excel workbook or for easier opening in several separate workbooks of 200 thousand lines. The Link for download and the password for opening the archives will be provided by Ing. Hana Vránová (

Official website


Beck-online logo

Beck online is Law Information System in Czech language.

Use this link to access the database.

Official website


CROWDSURFER is data platform for search and information about financial and investment opportunities.

Contact person: assoc. prof. Svatopluk Kapounek (


Orbis Logo The ORBIS, Bank ORBIS and Insurance ORBIS databases contain information on 300 million companies worldwide. It is a unique source for corporate data, allowing you to compare companies internationally. At FBE MENDELU, the database is accessible from the Financial Laboratory in building Q, classroom Q24. Contact person for the access to the laboratory is Irena Marečková. The database is accesible through university VPN (manual here) and following connection to Remote Desktop (manual here) of the computer with address

You can use the User Guide while working with the database.

Official website


Share logo Share is a multidisciplinary international database containing microdata on health, socio-economic situation, social and family networks of respondents older than 50 years. SHARE now covers the 27 countries of the European Union and Israel. The Czech Republic has been participating in the survey regularly since the second wave of the survey since 2006. Full access to the data can be obtained free of charge. Information on data access is described here.

Official website


UK Data Service UK DATA Service provides access to the following data:

  • UK census data (1971-2011)
  • UK survey data
  • Cross-national survey data
  • International macro databanks
  • Cohort and longitudinal studies
  • Business microdata
  • Qualitative and mixed methods data

Free access to the data can be obtained upon registration. The rules for using the database are available here.